Softball Players Guide

Updated: January 25, 2022

Welcome to Lonestar Sports Adult Softball Program. This recreational program is provided for your fun and enjoyment. Your cooperation, good sportsmanship, and communication with our League Coordinator are important in making this program a success.

If a player has any questions about these administrative rules or the exceptions to ASA Rules, he or she is invited to contact the League Coordinator listed below.

The exceptions to the ASA rules have been implemented to make the game less intense, less dangerous, and so that we may all enjoy the games in the evening and get to work the following morning.


Lonestar Sports League Representative

Tony Esparza - 713.449.5506

Lonestar Sports softball league currently utilizes a 10-game league format. Each team will advance to a single elimination playoff the week after their final regular season game is completed. You may obtain your team schedule by visiting The rules and conditions of Lonestar Sports softball program will follow the ASA Rulebook unless noted in this manual.

Medical insurance is the responsibility of the team or the individual. The Woodlands Township does not carry medical insurance for participants or spectators.

All managers must read and agree to follow this Code of Conduct prior to the first game of each season. Agreement is implied with signing the bottom. 1. I am responsible for ensuring I have read/reviewed The Woodlands Township’s Softball Player’s Manual and am knowledgeable of the information within.
2. I will play by the rules of the game.
3. I will not argue with an official. If I disagree with the call, my team captain/manager may approach the official during a break or at the conclusion of the game.
4. I am responsible for controlling my temper. Verbal abuse of officials and other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or nor permitted behaviors.
5. I will not behave with unsportsmanlike conduct, and I am aware that it will not be tolerated.
6. I will not engage in any behavior that could endanger the health safety or wellbeing of any player, league official or spectator.
7. I will not engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any player, league official or spectator.
8. I will treat all participants as we would want to be treated.
9. I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of the gender, ability, cultural background, ethnicity, or religion.
10. I understand that there is a no tolerance policy regarding umpire assault.
11. I understand that NO alcohol is allowed to be brought into the complex.

I hereby agree that if I fail to conform to the above codes of conduct, I shall be subject to disciplinary action, including warnings and up to permanent suspension from ANY ACTIVITIES at Lonestar Sports Complex.

X_________________________ Team Name _______________________

1. League fees for a 10-game season and playoffs are set at $475.00. This fee includes schedule, umpire fees, and awards for the regular season and tournament champions.
Any team not paid in full before the first game shall be dropped from the league. No refunds will be given FOR ANY REASON once the schedule has been posted.
      • Each participant will need to complete a waiver before playing the first game. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to make sure each player has signed the waiver.
      • Any player who has not signed the waiver will not be allowed to play in any games. The waiver will be valid for each registered season.
2. All game times are subject to change and cancellation at the discretion of the Softball Coordinator and/or Lonestar Sports Complex.
      • In the event of inclement weather Lonestar Sports will evaluate the complex in the following manner between 3:30 and 4:30 and make decisions accordingly
      • The team’s primary manager will be notified via email/text (if registered) and he/she will be responsible for notifying their players
      • The team’s primary manager may be contacted via phone due to game cancellation and will be responsible for notifying their players.
      • The Softball Coordinator shall update the league website, when possible, in the event of cancellation.
3. League Coordinator and Lonestar Sports rep retains the authority to modify or deviate from any league rule(s) as deemed necessary as well as make any executive decision regarding the Adult Softball League.
4. A team may play with a minimum of eight (8) players. A forfeit shall be called if a team cannot field eight (8) players within ten (10) minutes of the designated start time of the game. If both teams agree then a scrimmage game may be played with borrowed players. In the event of a scrimmage game: no umpire(s) shall be present and the team which cannot field eight (8) players will take a forfeiture loss.
5. In the event of forfeiture, the team manager must provide adequate notification to the League Coordinator.
      • The opposing team will receive a 7 – 0 victory.
6. Each team shall designate one person as team captain as a liaison to Lonestar Sports. The captain shall be responsible for ensuring the registration fee has been paid and all team players have signed the softball waiver.
8. Music is permitted during games. However, any music containing profanity, or verbiage containing obscene content is prohibited. This matter will be monitored and acted upon by the League Supervisor and or each Field Referee.
9. Standings (to determine tournament brackets) are based on win-loss record. Tiebreakers will be determined by 1) Head-to-Head. 2) Total Runs Differential. 3) Total Runs For. 4) Total Runs Against. 5) Coin Toss.
      • Standings are found online at

The softball schedule on will state which team is Home or Away.
1. The game clock begins at the scheduled game start time. Each team will have a ten (10) minute grace period as needed which will be deducted from the game time.
      • If the previous game has run late, the proceeding game clock will begin approximately five minutes after the conclusion of the previous game (I.e., 6:30 game concludes at 7:35. The game clock for the 7:30 game will begin at approximately 7:40).
2. Time limit – No new innings will start after fifty (50) minutes, or seven (7) innings of play have concluded.
      • If a serious injury should occur, the umpires will suspend the game clock until it is permissible to restart. Any stoppage/restart shall be at the sole judgment of the umpire(s).
      • If the game is tied at the end of regulation play there will be a one pitch format. Each batter will receive one pitch. They will either walk, hit into an out, or a base hit. All foul balls are to be strikes in this situation. In the event the game is still tied following two (2) innings of one pitch the final score will be recorded as a tie.
3. If during a game weather becomes a factor the game will be replayed from where it was suspended.
      • If thunder or lightning is present, matches will be immediately delayed 15 minutes at each sighting or sound of thunder or lightning.
      • Both managers are responsible for maintaining notes on where play was suspended.
      • Exception: If thirty (30) minutes or more has been played and/or 3½ innings have been completed (with the home team ahead); it shall be ruled a complete game.
      • In the event bad weather persists; the League Coordinator will notify all managers as stated within ADMINISTRATIVE RULE 2.

1. All players must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. There is NO exception to this rule.
2. Each team may have up to twenty (20) players on the roster. Roster changes may not be made after the fourth (4th) game of the season.
3. Players may only appear on one roster per league.
4. During the regular season, the manager of a team with fewer than eight (8) players may request permission from the opponent's manager to allow "guest" players for that game. A team may borrow up to eight (8) “guest” players with the approval of the opposing manager.
      • The manager of the opposing team shall have the sole decision to allow the "guest" players to play or not.
5. If the opposing manager allows "guest" players to play, the maximum number of "guest" players and roster players shall not exceed sixteen (16), e.g., eight (8) roster players and eight (8) "guest" players. If players on the roster arrive after the game has begun, the team with the “guest” players must drop the “guest” players (if exceeding 16 players).
      • During the postseason tournament, a team may only use players who are on the team’s official roster.
      • No “guest” players are to be allowed unless approved by the opposing team manager.
      • Any “guest” player must be approved by the League official onsite. 6. Free Agents:
      • Individuals looking to join a team may sign up for the free agent/players list through
      • Free Agent/player information is made available to managers seeking additional players only.
      • Free agent listing does not guarantee placement on a team.

1. Teams will be required to provide the following equipment: bats, balls, and gloves.
2. Uniforms are not required.
3. Game Balls:
      • Each team must provide a minimum of two (2) game balls.
           • Men’s league:
                § 52/300 12” yellow covered ball
           • Co-Ed league:
                § Men’s ball – EASTON 12” incrediball yellow covered ball
                § Women’s ball – 52/300 12” yellow covered ball
      • Worth Super Blue Dot balls are prohibited.
      • Raised stitches balls required; non-stitched balls are prohibited.
      • Any ball deemed illegal by the umpire will not be allowed. The umpire(s) decision is final.
      • The pitcher is responsible for all incoming opponent’s ball. If the pitcher believes one to be illegal it should be brought to the attention of the umpire(s) immediately. All play up to that point is legal.
4. Game Bats:
      • All bats must be ASA approved. All bats must have AT LEAST one of the following stamps to be allowed.
      • No baseball, senior softball, or fast pitch bats
      • Lonestar Sports Umpires retain the authority to remove any bat that he/she suspects has been altered in any way. This is left entirely to the discretion of the umpire in any given game. The game shall be immediately forfeited by any team whose player takes a position in the batter’s box with any bat that has been previously removed by the umpire in accordance with this rule.
      • Older bats used that have worn labels from long time usage will be left to the discretion of the umpire(s).
      • Please visit for more information on acceptable bats
5. Braces and Casts
      • Any brace or cast must be sufficiently padded to prevent other players from being injured if struck.
      • The umpire may require a player with a brace or cast to leave the field if they feel that the player is playing in a manner that is dangerous to themselves or other players. Another player may be substituted for the player sent from the field.

Please note that Lonestar Sports Softball League has adopted ASA Rules in conjunction with additional Lonestar Sports Rules and Regulations listed here.
1. Five (5) men and five (5) women for Co-Ed line leagues. Note: it is permissible to start with eight (8) players if there are at least four (4) women. Additionally, it is permissible to play more women than men, but not more men than women.
      • Defensively: two (2) males and two (2) females must take alternating positions in the outfield. Two (2) males and two (2) females must take positions in the infield. The pitcher and catcher must be of opposite gender.
2. When a player receives a written warning, they must be immediately subbed out of the game. If there are no substitutes available for the team, the team will play short one player until the umpire allows the player to return to the game.
3. Sliding will be allowed. If a base runner intentionally slides into a fielder that runner shall be ruled out and is subject to ejection.
      • In the event a play is being made at home plate, with the fielder in possession of the ball, the base runner must attempt to avoid contact. Any malicious contact as determined by the referee will result in the player being ejected.
      • A fielder at any base that does not have the ball in their possession while making a play must allow room for the runner to cross the plate/base without obstruction.
4. All batters start with a one strike and one ball (1-1) ball count. After a batter receives two strikes, and hits a foul ball, they will be allowed one attempt to hit. If the batter swings at the third (3rd) strike and does not foul it off, the Softball Player’s Guide Page 6 batter shall be called out. All third (3rd) strike foul balls are dead balls and base runners may not advance even if they are caught.
5. Batting line up will alternate genders for Co-Ed Leagues. o Men are prohibited from batting back-to-back
6. Any male player to walk will result in a two-base award. The next batter (female) will bat in Co-Ed Leagues o Exception: with two (2) outs the female player may opt to walk. 6. Any player deemed to be a risk to themselves or to others may be removed from the field and Township property.
7. In the event of an injury to a runner, courtesy runners will be allowed. o This runner shall be the last out of the same gender
      • In the event of no outs, this runner shall be last batter of the same gender from the previous inning.
8. Home run rules:
      • One (1) & one (1) up for Men’s Leagues § Inside the park home runs are not counted against the home run limit.
      • One (1) & one (1) for men per game for Co-Ed Leagues § All other will be outs with no advancement of base runners.
9. Run Rules – 15 after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings.

1. ONLY the League Coordinator, Township Softball Representative, and Township Recreation Directors/Superintendent retain the authority to remove and/or suspend any player/individual from the league based upon their behavior while on The Woodlands Township’s property.
2. League officials have the authority to issue verbal and/or written warnings to any player, spectator, or coach (regardless of whether they are playing) as deemed necessary to maintain control of a game.
3. League officials have the authority to send off any non-registered coach or spectator as deemed necessary to maintain control of the game. Furthermore, these individuals may be subject to additional disciplinary measures as seen fit by the League Coordinator and Township Representative.
4. Verbal abuse by any individual towards players, officials, and/or spectators will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action as deemed necessary.
5. Written Warnings
      • Written warnings are cumulative over a one season period which includes league playoffs.
      • Written Warnings may be issued from arrival to the field until departure by any league official.
      • Two (2) written warnings in a season shall result in an automatic one (1) game suspension.
      • Three (3) written warnings shall result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the current season.
6. Ejections
      • A minimum one game suspension for any ejection. Any player ejected will be suspended for the remainder of the current game and the next game, even if that game is in the next season.
      • Should any player be ejected twice within one season the following penalties apply: Suspension for the remainder of the current season or a total of six games should the suspension overlap into the proceeding season.
      • Ejections from games due to violent conduct such as fighting, punching, striking, kicking, stomping, slapping, scratching, biting, choking, elbowing, head-butting, etc.: An additional minimum one (1) season suspension to be reviewed by the League Coordinator.
            Violent Conduct towards a player—minimum one (1) season
            Violent Conduct towards a League Official—minimum one (1) year
      • An ejected player must leave the park immediately and may be subject to additional suspensions at the discretion of the League Coordinator. Further sanctions shall be at the discretion of the League Coordinator.
      • Any player ejected shall leave the property within 2 minutes or the game shall be forfeited.
      • Profanity will not be tolerated and may result in ejection.
      • Intentionally throwing a bat will result in an automatic ejection.
      • A player will be called out and ejected for intentionally knocking down a field player while running the bases.
7. Clearing the bench will automatically forfeit the game along with a two (2) season suspension to be reviewed by the League Coordinator and Township Representative.
8. Any team or player making an appeal to the League Coordinator must send an email no later than two days after the event took place.